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PAYPAL ACCOUNT Minimum 10 Dollar Paypal Accounts, Paypal Accounts for Every Budget. // Safe And Fast 24 Hour Support. // Most trusted team on deep web with over 400+ sales
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bad comment
mac*** 15.11.2019 18:56:28

Scammer shit. Avoid at all cost. Took the order and stopped answering.
good comment
silana****** 15.11.2019 11:27:33

So yeah... As usual, it's a scam. Haven't received anything.
good comment
hua*** 14.11.2019 22:55:09

You're right, buddy, nice tactic. buy a cheap account first, then get a better account with the money in the account. : D
good comment
ypn9**** 12.11.2019 17:26:59

The $ 10 Paypal Account was Funny at First, but a Great Opportunity to Try. I got a paypal account for $ 10, then I got better accounts with the running account. That's a good tactic. accounts are running and the seller is reliable.
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