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What Are Onion Links?

Onion List can not accessed via regular web search engines such as Google or Yahoo. It is more difficult to access deep web links. The links that are hidden have a special extension which is “.onion” and they are widely known as “onion links”. It is also a special field type that can be used in the Tor browser. Before using “onion links” in order to access deep web, you are heavily advised to use a VPN service as there are many viruses and scammers online. Anonymity is a very important when you are online, so protect your anonymity on the dark web, especially when you’re using onion links with a safe VPN. A premium VPN extension is recommended to use with your Tor browser when using onion links. 

How To Access Onion Links?

Before trying to access these links, it is always recommended to use the Tor browser before you browse onion links. It is also recommended to use a trustworthy and paid VPN program or add on to your Tor browser to further protect you. It is recommended to hide your personality and keep yourself anonymous, as well. There are a few alternatives for the Tor browser such as Freenet, Subgraph OS, I2P and Tails. You can access these links using the internet, even a quick Google search will be able to give you plenty of onion links. But you definitely need the Tor browser in order to open an onion link. For example can be opened with any browser of your liking but http://google.onion can only be opened using the Tor browser. A website ending with “.onion” will not be recognized by just any browser (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), you will need the Tor browser. If you want to use these links in order to access the deep web, it is advised for you to proceed with extreme caution. Deep web is heavily used as a marketplace for illegal activities. Cyber dangers may be awaiting at the deep web and you are advised to be careful when accessing it. The regular internet that we use in our day to day lives is only the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more information in the deep web, but it is always important to be cautious. 

Hackers On The Deep Web

A vast majority of deep web users are hackers. Hackers are people who steal information on a person or a company and sell the said information on the deep web. Alongside illegal things such as drugs and weapons; passwords for social media users and credit card information can also be found on the deep web. Most hackers use the deep web In order to sell the data that they stole, hence they make a profitable income off of the deep web. One can also hire a hacker on the deep web as well.

How To Access The Deep Web?

The deep web can be a scary place if you are not doing it safely. It is vital for you to learn more about the deep web and how to protect yourself before you take action. As you may have guessed, the deep web can not be easily accessed via the popular web search engines (such as Google or Yahoo) and the regular browser you may have downloaded on your computer (such as Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox). A special internet browser called Tor browser is needed in order to access the deep web. The Tor browser is made specifically in order to access and open onion links. The Tor browser hides its user’s IP address and ensures to secure his or hers anonymity while being used. If he or she uses the browser, the data sent by him or her is encrypted before reaching the destination. Afterwards this encrypted data mentioned gets sent to different computer layers before it reaches its intended destination. These layers are similar to the layers of an onion, and these links are called “onion links”. This encryption process protects the user’s anonymity and protects him or her during the web surfing. 

What Is The Deep Web?

The term “Deep Web” is used when referring to the unknown and large part of the internet. The deep web is harder to access and it is more hidden. One can not access deep web links using regular web search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Much like the ocean, whose majority is not even discovered yet, only about five per centile of the web we know is available to the everyday person. Below this surface level, about ninety five percent of the web is hidden, and this part of the web is called “the deep web”. You can use the Tor browser in order to access the deep web.
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